P1-3 Class

Teacher: Miss Pittendreigh & Mrs Robertson

Class size: 17 pupils

Term 2, 2022-23

It’s going to be a busy term, and a very exciting one as we get ready to put on our Christmas Show, ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ As well as doing lots of singing, dancing, and acting, we will be making props for the show as well. Our project this term will be ‘Toys’, and in maths we will be continuing to work on addition and subtraction.

Term 1, 2022-23

It’s lovely to see everyone back at school, and to meet our six new Primary 1 pupils. At the start of term we had a visit from a dragon who asked us to help him re-build Fairyland. We will be exploring lots of fairy tales and filling the classroom with all our artwork to create a wonderful feeling of Fairyland.

Term 4, 2021-22

We are all looking forward to a busy and exciting summer term with lots of opportunities to take our learning outside. Our main topic this term will focus on Commonwealth countries and we are using a world map to locate and name the seven continents as well as particular countries within these. We are looking forward to sharing all that we have learnt with parents and friends on our Jubilee Celebration afternoon.

Term 3.2, 2021-22

For the second half of this term our topic is Growing Plants. The children are excited to get planting and we hope to be able to see and harvest the fruits of our labour before the end of the summer term. During this topic we will find out about the different parts of a plant and their purpose as well as investigating what plants need to grow and thrive.

Term 3.1, 2021-22

We had an exciting start to the term, finding large footprints and purple prickles in the school corridor leading up to our classroom. It would seem that a Gruffalo had come to visit! We went exploring and found ‘The Gruffalo’ book in the wildlife garden, and Miss Pittendreigh read it to us. We are going to be using The Gruffalo and other Julia Donaldson stories as the basis for our Inter Disciplinary Learning (IDL), covering Art, Design and Technology and Health and Well Being, as well as using it for our Literacy. In Maths we will begin by looking at 2D and 3D shapes and will also focus on measuring length and height using non-standard units as well as metres, making sensible estimations and taking care to measure accurately. In PE we will be doing gymnastics with a focus on shape, balance and movement. It’s going to be a busy term!

Term 2, 2021-22

We all start to get very excited as we head towards Christmas, and this term we have been learning some fun Christmas songs for our Christmas Concert. We have also been having weekly lessons in Kodaly, which teaches us all about rhythm. For our topic, we have continued to learn all about ourselves and had a great visit from ALEC (Aberdeenshire Life Education Centres) where we learnt about the major food groups and the Healthy Wheel, and considered the different things we need to be happy and healthy. And all with the help of Harold the Giraffe!

Term 1, 2021-22

We would like to welcome our eight new Primary 1 pupils to the P1-3 class and it’s lovely to see everyone else back, ready and raring to go after seven weeks of summer holiday! We have got an exciting term ahead and will be learning all about ‘ourselves’. This topic looks at health & wellbeing and science outcomes related to healthy eating, personal hygiene, skeletons and the body. We have got a fantastic hospital corner set up in the classroom which has already been a big hit with the children – it certainly looks like we have some healthcare professionals in the making! There are lots of practical activities happening in class to develop pupils’ numeracy skills through a ‘Maths Mastery’ approach, with themes this term focusing on conservation of number, place value and data handling.

Term 4, 2020-21

This term we are going to be using a theme of ‘Traditional Tales’ to help develop our literacy skills; including writing, listening, recall, use of characters, etc.  We will also be focusing on Rights and Responsibilities, and Electricity.  The Traditional Tales will be a stimulus for aspects of our Interdisciplinary Learning, such as Social Studies, caring for the Environment and Resources, Technology, RME, Health and Wellbeing, Art, Drama, Dance and Music.  Of course, we will continue working on our phonics, spelling, grammar, and handwriting, at the appropriate levels.

In Numeracy, the children will be covering Fractions, Shape, Sharing (Division), Capacity and Position and Movement.  They will also continue with their numberwork at the appropriate level. 

We look forward to a busy, rewarding Term 4 and hopefully some better weather for our outdoor activities!

Term 3, 2020-21

February: It’s so lovely to have all our P1-3 pupils back in class. This term, we will be comparing Scotland with a country in Africa, looking at things like climate, culture, flora and fauna.

January: Happy New Year to all our pupils, families and friends! We would like to welcome Mrs Bosson to Craigievar School, and in particular to the P1-3 class. Mrs Bosson will be the class teacher while Miss Pittendreigh is on her maternity leave.

Well, what a start to the new term – back to home learning again! The school remains open for children whose parents work in Category 1 or 2 and who are not able to stay at home, and vulnerable children. All other pupils will be doing online learning from home. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see all your smiling faces in school again.

Term 2, 2020-21

This term we are working on an enterprise project. The class has been split into three different businesses and we are hoping to make things to sell to the local community. Any profit will be given to Northsound 1’s ‘Cash for Kids’. We are making dog biscuits which will be packaged nicely into little bags, scented soap which will be beautifully wrapped, and Christmas decorations.

We have also been working on how to write instructions. First of all we made a rice crispie spider cake. We had to remember what we did and what order we did things in so that we could write instructions for how to make them. One of the best bits was eating the rice crispie cake afterwards!

We have also been working on how to write instructions. First of all we made a rice crispie spider cake. We had to remember what we did and what order we did things in so that we could write instructions for how to make them. One of the best bits was eating the rice crispie cake afterwards!

Term1, 2020-21

It is so lovely to have all the pupils back at school after nearly 5 months of lockdown and we would like to give a special welcome to our new pupils.  This term our topic will be ‘Light and Dark’ and we will discuss the features of day and night and find out about the movements of the Earth, moon and sun.  We will also investigate sources of light and shadow as well as using online sources to find out about nocturnal animals.

For art, we will use oil pastels and water colours and create colourful drawings of owls to brighten up the classroom!

Term 2, 2019-20

We have got lots of exciting things planned for this term.  The whole school are working on producing a ‘Lost Words’ book and each child will have their own word which they will use to create some literacy and artwork.  Rehearsals for the school play, ‘The Stars come out for Christmas’, have started and we are looking forward to performing at Craigievar Hall in December.   We are also going to be working in the Wildlife Garden, pruning some of the shrubs and trees and generally tidying up so that we can do some landscaping ready for rejuvenating the whole area in the Spring.

Term 1, 2019-20

Welcome back to a new school year! It was lovely to see all the children on the first day of term and hear all their holiday news as well as welcome our new P1s to the class!

This term our IDL topic will be ‘Our Community’. We will explore this topic by creating our own community, building houses, creating jobs and providing local amenities. We will explore the local area around Craigievar and use this as a stimulus when developing our own community. We will also work on reading maps, identifying features in our local landscape and creating our own.

Our main focus in Literacy will be imaginative writing. We will use a number of fiction texts as models to create our own journey stories. The children will work on orally retelling a story before changing and adapting ideas to create their own. P2-4 will work on adding description to their work particularly focussing on the setting.

This term Primary 1 children will be introduced to initial sounds, learning to recognise and write these before blending to read and write CVC words. Primary 2-4 will continue to explore phonemes and graphemes, developing their ability to decode and spell words.

Our main focus in Maths this term will be Number and Number Processes. The children will work on reading, writing, ordering and representing numbers within 100, 1000 or beyond 1000. We will use our knowledge of place value to develop addition and subtraction skills. Primary 1 will work on counting, recognising, ordering and writing numbers to 10.

The P1-4 class will have PE every Monday afternoon, and the whole school will be taking part in the Daily Mile just before lunch each day.

Term 4, 2018-19

We have reached the summer term! During the next 12 weeks we will be finding out about plants and minibeasts. We will create some investigations to find out what plants need to grow and be healthy, look at the different parts of a plant and hopefully start growing our own vegetables. We will use Sunflowers by Van Gough to create our own flower pictures using a variety of techniques. In the second part of the term we will find out about minibeasts, categorizing and sorting them. We hope to have some caterpillars in the classroom in order to watch their progress as they turn into butterflies.

In Literacy we will be looking at non-fiction texts, particularly non-chronological reports. We will use contents and index pages to find useful information and work on answering literal and inferential questions about what we have read. P2 and P3 will be working on persuasive writing and will need to have some convincing arguments ready so that we can secure a space to grow our plants! We will keep a diary detailing the progress of our plants and caterpillars and gather information from different books and the internet to write our own minibeast fact files.

This term we are also lucky to have weekly Kodaly (singing) lessons. These will be on Thursday afternoons.

In Maths we will begin by focusing on number before moving onto work on position and direction. We will give and follow directions using the terms Left and Right as well as looking at coordinates. Following this we will focus on money, identifying coins, making amounts and using our knowledge of subtraction to find change. We will finish the term with estimating and developing our problem-solving techniques.

PE days have changed to Mondays and Tuesdays. We will start by focusing on cricket skills before moving on to prepare for Sports Day. If the weather allows, we will do most of our PE outside this term.

If you would like further information about any of our work in class please contact the school office.

Term 3, 2018-19

From February to April our topic will be ‘My Amazing Body’.  We will explore the human skeleton looking at the position and function of different bones as well as finding out about the main organs and what we can do to keep them healthy.

Our topic up to the February mid-term break is Polar Lands.  We are going to learn where both the Arctic and Antarctic are and look at the landscape and the animals that live there.  We will also find out about the people who live in the Arctic and some of the explorers who have ventured there.

Update: We had great fun studying the Polar Lands and set up our own Research Centre in the classroom.  It even snowed, so we made our very own snowman called ‘Snowy’!

Term 2, 2018-19

The children are very excited about our new topic – Egyptians.  During Topic lessons we will find out about life in Ancient Egypt by looking at artefacts from the time and thinking about what they tell us about ancient Egyptian life. We will compare our lives to life in Ancient Egyptian times and explore the process of mummification. This topic will provide lots of opportunities for Art and Design and technology.

Update:  The children gave a fantastic performance of ‘The Egyptians’ to parents, family and friends.  During their play they showed the audience how to perform a mummification and did a super dance to ‘Walk like an Egyptian’.

Term 1, 2018-19

P1-3 have been exploring the seas and oceans with Miss Pittendreigh this term, giving plenty of opportunities for craft and creative writing activities. The class have also had an exciting visit from a diver who has swum with sharks and turtles in many parts of the world.  While Miss Pittendreigh teaches PE to the P4-7 class each week, Mrs Dennison and Mr Birch have had the chance to teach in the P1-3 class.  Mrs Dennison has been looking at different world religions and morals while Mr Birch has been using a resource called Charanga to teach music.