P4-7 Class

Teachers: Mr Birch and Mrs Robertson

Class Size: 16 pupils

Term 4: 2020-21 Session

Welcome to Term 4.  It is hard to believe that we are already in the final term of this academic year!

Mr Birch will continue to explore ‘our prehistoric past’ where there will be plenty of outdoor learning opportunities to enjoy, hopefully in good weather.  Mrs Robertson meanwhile will look at ‘Electricity’ as part of topic work and the children will learn how to create their own circuits.

In Maths we will be building on the fractions work from last term and exploring decimals and percentages.

Our class novel is ‘Charlottes Web’ and there will be many engaging literacy and expressive arts activities inspired by this novel.  We will look at fiction writing and writing our own adventure story and also a range of other non-fiction writing opportunities. 

We will continue to focus on social, emotional and mental wellbeing this term, which has been highlighted as being of particular importance following the events of the last year.  We hope this will help the children feel more settled and comfortable back in school and give them the opportunity to talk about their feelings and identify emotions associated with the past year and help build trust, confidence and resilience as we move forward.

Term 3: 2020-21 Session

March 2021: It is fantastic to have all the pupils back in school after lockdown. The P4-7 class have plunged straight in to learning all about the Mesolithic Period and have learnt how to make shelters out of natural materials, and have done some super cave drawings.

Happy New Year to everyone! And it’s back to home learning! The school remains open for children whose parents work in Category 1 or 2 and who are not able to stay at home, and vulnerable children. All other pupils will be doing online learning from home. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see all your smiling faces in school again.

Term 2: 2020-21 Session

We are very excited about our enterprise project and hope to make lots of money for Northsound 1’s ‘Cash for Kids’. We have made four companies: Silly Snowmen, Crafty Kids, Creative Candle Makers, and Rudolph Wreaths. We have been given a start up budget of £10 and so are planning what we need to buy, how much each gift will cost to make and then how much we think we can sell them for. We have also done some market research with the parents. We can’t wait to start making our gifts so we can put together a catalogue for parents to order from.

Making Barfi

We have also been learning about Diwali which is a five day festival of lights and one of the major festivals celebrated by the Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. We enjoyed making some barfi which is a sweet treat common in Northern India.

Term 1: 2020-21 Session

Welcome back!  We are so glad to finally be back in the classroom with everyone again.  It has been a lovely start so far to the term and all the children have shown a mature attitude to the new procedures and are doing their best with the changes we have made in order to keep everyone safe.
This term, our topic is ‘Space’ which the children have been really enthusiastic about.  We have lots of fun activities to help us learn more about space including art, music and drama which are all linked to the topic.  We have already created wonderful space pictures using chalk pastels which are now decorating the classroom and we have been using work by the composers Holst and John Williams as our inspiration for the Space Music we have been creating.

‘We used chalk pastel to create our planet pictures and we used light and dark tones to help make the planets look spherical. Then we learnt how to draw a symmetrical space shuttle and added coloured pencil to create light and dark shadows for a 3D effect

Term 2: 2019-20 Session

We have got lots of exciting things planned for this term.  The whole school are working on producing a ‘Lost Words’ book and each child will have their own word which they will use to create some literacy and artwork.  Rehearsals for the school play, ‘The Stars come out for Christmas’, have started and we are looking forward to performing at Craigievar Hall in December.   We are also going to be working in the Wildlife Garden, pruning some of the shrubs and trees and generally tidying up so that we can do some landscaping ready for rejuvenating the whole area in the Spring

Term 1: 2019-20 Session

Welcome back!  We hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday and are feeling recharged for another exciting year at Craigievar!

We had a baptism of fire for Mrs Robertson during the first week as we prepared tray bakes for the 800 hungry cyclists who passed the school on Sunday 25th August as part of the Ride the North event. Pupils chose recipes and applied their numeracy skills to ensure they provided 150 tray bakes per group to a strict budget of £30.  This was an excellent real-life opportunity to look at budgeting and enterprise while supporting an event that generates large sums of money for local charities and a welcome boost to school funds through a donation by the organiser.

We are looking forward to exploring different types of story through the works of Roald Dahl this term, as we celebrate his works on Roald Dahl day on the 13th September 2019. Pupils will have the chance to retell, adapt and write in his style throughout the term.  Much of the art, science, health and wellbeing and other areas of the curriculum will be linked to this theme.  We are looking forward to joining several other schools in the cluster for a performance of ‘Mikey and Addie’ by North East Arts Touring, (www.neatshows.org.uk) at the end of September.

The impact of our recently adopted maths mastery approaches was beginning to be seen in the way pupils tackled numeracy problems in class towards the end of last term. We look forward to building on this throughout the rest of the year and sharing with parents the methods leading to these successes.

Mr Johnston will be exploring the ‘Important books’ to different world religions during his Religious and Moral Education sessions this term and continuing to develop conversational French with the class during Languages sessions. Mr Johnston is with us on Wednesdays this year.

PE will be held every Monday afternoon, and this term the whole school are taking part in the Daily Mile just before lunch.

We look forward to getting up to the Forest this term and will let you know dates when they are finalised.

Term 4: 2018-19 Session

This term is going to be a busy one in the P4-7 class!

Our topic this term will be geography-based, comparing Scotland’s landscapes with other parts of the world. Mrs Dennison is looking at the Inner Hebrides -in particular, the Isle of Arran, using the novel ‘Thumble Tumble and the Olipheist’ by A. H Proctor as a stimulus.  Pupils will apply their understanding of natural disasters and landforms to create their own island with Mr Birch, using a graphic design package on the laptops.  Their islands will be subjected to a natural disaster and we will evaluate how well their settlements would have coped.  The children have been involved in the planning of this topic and have some excellent questions and ideas!

In literacy we will be learning how to persuade (you have been warned!) whilst building on other skills learned during the year. Visual literacy will also be part of your children’s learning – reading a picture and developing imaginative ideas from that. During reading we will continue to develop the skills of inference, deduction and prediction, exploring a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, with some pupils using the short animated-film ‘Dragon Slayer’ to explore the features of legends and mythical tales.  Weekly phonics continue with all phonemes, word suggestions and activities for all Groups on Glow.

In numeracy we will continue to develop the range of strategies we use to solve and discuss real-life number problems, particularly focussing on decimals and percentages. In beyond number we will be focussing on Time Durations; Perimeter and Area; Position and Transformation and Co-ordinates and Probability.

The fourth edition of ‘The Craigie Crow’ will be published this term and we will wait to hear how our ‘Young Journalist of the Year’ entries were received by the panel of judges.

We’ve plenty planned for our Forest school session on Monday 29th April, which Willow Lohr will be attending.  We will have teams taking part in this year’s Orienteering Festival at Deeside Activity park in May.  All pupils within the school will take part in weekly Kodaly music sessions this term, delivered by a specialist instructor.  Mr Johnston will continue to deliver Modern Languages this session, but now on a Thursday.  We plan to get up to Craigievar Castle to start planting a range of fruit and veg in the Kitchen Garden for harvesting after summer.  Finally, we’ll be getting ready for sports day at the end of term!

If you’d like any more information about what we’re learning this session please feel free to contact the school.

Term 3: 2018-19 Session

We have got a busy term ahead!

In the next couple of weeks we will be learning about Burn’s night and asking the question ‘What’s the point in learning Scots?’.  We will be looking at a range of texts in Scots and Doric and creating our own.  Throughout the term we will also be submitting articles for our next edition of the ‘Craigie Crow’.

In art we will be looking at the work of the artist Bridget Riley, and creating our own ‘Op’ art, and in numeracy we will be tackling some simple (and not so simple!) algebra problems.

We have got a couple of Forest School sessions lined up for this term where we hope to focus on specific skills such as tool-use, tracking and fire-making.  We also hope to try and track down an elusive Scottish Wildcat.

It’s an exciting time for our P6 and P7 pupils who are venturing off on a residential trip with pupils from Tough and Monymusk Schools.  We hope they have a fantastic time!

From the February mid-term break our focus for wider learning is Health and Well-being, thinking especially about how to keep ourselves safe and developing responsibility for our own health and well-being. In particular we will be answering the question: Why do we need to keep ourselves clean? We will have opportunities to develop literacy skills, writing for information and instructions; pupils will be encouraged to be creative in their approach to learning – developing success criteria, self and peer assessment and developing the use of ICT to further enhance learning.

In beyond number we will be revising and developing our understanding of information handling and time durations.   Some children will be developing surveys about our school life, relationships and learning and then analysing data collected and coming up with an action plan of improvement.

In literacy, guided reading and phonics/grammar will continue. The third edition of ‘The Craigie Crow’ will be published before the Easter break.

Term 2: 2018-19 Session

This term our topic is going to be World War One.  The pupils will be going to a Remembrance Service at Tough, along with pupils from Tough school, to mark the centenary of World War One.  They are also going on a school trip to visit The Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen where they will have the opportunity to look at many interesting exhibits and touch and try on items from the museum’s handling collection.  Towards the end of term the children will take part in a performance about World War One for parents.

Update: The P5-7s gave a super presentation about World War 1 to family and friends. They explained how the war started, what life was like in the trenches and how it changed the lives of future generations.  There was also a beautiful performance of ‘Silent Night’ by our instrumentalists.

Term 1: 2018-19 Session

The P4-7 class have been exploring the media this session and will be publishing their own newspaper at the end of term. We have been using photojournalism to explore events from the wider world and as a focus for discussing emotions and developing empathy.  A planned visit from a P&J journalist will help pupils make the link between their work in class and future career opportunities.  In PE, Miss Pittendreigh has been working on the skills and rules involved in hockey with the class.