Wildlife Garden

The wildlife garden has provided a fantastic haven for wildlife for many years and is continually being developed so that it can be used to its full potential.

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Creating the paths, and marking the edges with Elderflower Branches

In 2020, we cut back a lot of the elderflower and hedging to let more light into the garden. We used the cut branches to mark out some paths and flower beds, creating some structure to the landscape, and also incorporated an outdoor learning circle with supports in place to have a canopy above it. Some of the branches were made into wood chippings which we have used as a base for the paths. Cornus was planted along the wall between the wildlife garden and the school car park, which will create a colourful screen all year round. A kind parent also erected a fence with a gate in it, to separate the pond area from the rest of the wildlife garden, making it safer for the younger pupils.

Outdoor Learning Circle

In Spring/Summer 2021, we will be creating a new entrance to the Wildlife Garden. The current entrance near the carpark will be closed off, and the new entrance will be more accessible and welcoming. We will also be planting out three of the flower beds with wildlife friendly shrubs and perennials, and will be cutting up more branches to make firewood for our firepit. We also hope to work on our pond area, relaying the slabs around the edge and creating a place for pupils to sit and enjoy watching the wildlife.

It’s going to be a busy year!

Keeping warm around our Fire Bowl, and enjoying some warm Spiced Apple Juice