Pupil Groups – Curriculum


The Curriculum Group are involved in helping make sure the learning environment and activities in our school are interesting, exciting and engaging.  We focus on the library and the learning displays in the school, plan and organise various events, and help decide how the school spends money on new resources.

June 2023
Well done to the Curriculum Group for organising an action packed Health Week. Pupils got involved with lots of activities including rugby, tennis, a bike track, climbing wall, skipping, making smoothies & fruit kebabs, yoga, mindfulness colouring, making worry dolls and sewing bags to put them in, hama beads and stress balls.

April 2023
The Curriculum Group are planning a Health Week to be held towards the end of term. They have got lots of fantastic ideas so we are already looking forward to it!

March 2023
The Pupil Groups will be starting again after Easter. The Curriculum Group will be looking at our great new Library Area and making Library Monitors to keep the area tidy and making sure books are returned to the right place. They will also be planning a Health Week to have at the end of the summer term.

May 2022
Our main focus is the School Library, making it more accessible for everyone and creating a nice area for reading and choosing books. The Library area has moved in to the main hall and we are in the process of writing to parents to ask for their help with book banding and running a weekly library session for all pupils. We would also like to sort all our reference books so that we can access them easily when we are doing different projects.